RMIT Publishing

Delivering a user friendly Internet video service to capture, publish and deliver digital media and content to enhance research, learning and educational activities

The Client

RMIT Publishing is the leading provider of online research specialising in content from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Through its Informit brand of online databases and search platforms, RMIT Publishing makes it easy for students and teachers to search, research and discover the content they need to get better results.

First established in 1989 within the library at RMIT University, RMIT Publishing’s mission is to improve accessibility, visibility and preservation of regional content. With over 500 regional partners and millions of users worldwide, RMIT Publishing has been regarded as the natural home of authoritative regional content for over twenty years.

The Challenge

RMIT Publishing required a service to deliver an online TV streaming resource for Australian tertiary institutions. The service, to be branded Informit EduTV would provide content captured across a range of learning areas including Business, Economics, Health, History, Indigenous Studies, Legal Studies, Media Studies, Performing Arts, Politics, Government, Religious Studies, Science, Technology, Society, Culture, Visual Arts and Design. Informit EduTV would also deliver a palette of programs broadcast on free-to-air TV channels.

In addition, the service would provide the ability to easily segment and effectively customise broadcast programs ensuring no time is wasted searching for the start of the relevant selection. Content would then be published into the service along with descriptions and extracted metadata. A clip list editor would provide users with the ability to create simple playlists, upload files and share these with their colleagues. The managed video assets would also need to be void of any advertising content.

Switch Media’s Role

Switch Media’s role in delivering the service was to provide RMIT Publishing with a complete workflow solution, IP head-end and a friendly UX designed specifically to deliver the required functionality. The service utilises Switch Media’s cloud based video content management system, the Switch Media Manager, to provide transcoding, clip creation, storage, metadata management and user authentication.

Switch Media also provided advanced player functionality which includes a simple 4 step process to provide users with the ability to easily create clips, merge video materials, upload files and share their completed play lists as projects. In addition, the Switch Media Manager is being used to provide 24/7 management and streaming delivery of archival programs dating back to 2006.

Project Outcomes & ROI

Launched in early 2013, Informit EduTV sets a new standard in educational media products, making it easy for lecturers and students to search, find and instantly watch educational and current affairs television content. Today the service is used regularly by over 15,000 subscribers who enjoy access to over 27 Terabytes of video content.

Over 17,000 programs including news, current affairs, documentaries, archival programs and drama series are now accessible from the service via computer, tablet or smartphone. Complimentary study guides and articles are also made available for download as part of the service. Informit EduTV is an invaluable contemporary resource for teaching and learning.

Project Summary

  • Instant streaming access to 10,000 programs
  • Archival access to programs created from 2006 – with 80 programs added week
  • Easy and advanced searching capabilities with programs classified by subject areas
  • Easy ability to create and distribute customised content including basic editing, clip playlist creation, teacher notes and file uploads
  • Delivery of a workflow solution to sup port ingest, transcoding and storage of live and pre-recorded video assets
  • Programs are viewable on iPads and other tablet devices
  • Option to turn on and off closed caption