Government and Enterprise

Government & Enterprise Video Evidence Management

Enhanced functionality for Enterprise

The Switch Media Manager can extend the capabilities of your content management services.

Enable advanced video functionality to enhance training, collaboration and knowledge sharing within your organisation and improve your employee productivity, motivation and community through enhanced media delivery and sharing tools.

Key Features

  • Optimal Playback Experience on any device – with adaptive bit rate technology.
  • Geographical organisation of content access services.
  • Hierarchical Control over Content and Users – control central content categories with specific content, and grant permissions to employees to create channels and participate in other channels as contributors or moderators.
  • Easy to use and automated Media Upload – users can upload and easily share their own videos.
  • Full device support including iPhone, Android, PC & iPad Compatibility.
  • Maximise Video Exposure – present related content, top videos, recent videos, and video playlists.
  • Comprehensive Video Search – easy search and browsing and deep search of video subtitles, captions and transcripts.