• AdEase SSAI

Addressable advertising at scale with dynamic ad insertion

  • Server Side Ad Insertion Workflow

AdEase helps online content owners solve the challenge of delivering TV-like viewing experience to their audiences and addressable advertising options to advertisers, while avoiding ad blockers.

AdEase standardises advertising delivery across live and on demand content with rich addressable personalised advertising across individual and household connected devices.

World-class seamless dynamic ad insertion

AdEase offers multi-screen dynamic ad insertion for both live and on demand content. Your viewers will benefit from a first-class TV-like experience with zero buffering. Seamlessly stitching ads into content results in a continuous video stream that makes it near impossible for end users to isolate and block ads, also eliminating buffering between ad and content transitions. 

Device Agnostic

Catering for mobile, desktop, connected TV and beyond, AdEase is architected for optimal service across your suite of connected devices. We can provide options to get up and running faster without requiring clientside changesWhere required, Switch Media’s consulting division can assist in setup, integration and configuration of AdEase.  

Addressable targeting

The 1:1 addressable functionality of AdEase provides a personalised viewing experience for individuals and households, as well as creating more effective monetisation opportunities for your business. AdEase enhances current and opens additional inventories, not only for advertisers but for users currently using ad blockers.

Workflow integration

AdEase offers a market leading, refreshingly simple approach towards integrations into content workflows and ad decisioning engines. Working in an agnostic manner our role is to configure dynamic ad insertion within your workflow and create additional revenue. With support for a variety of third-party content management platforms, AdEase simply pulls the media from your OVP, injects the ads into the stream, and delivers it to user devices.

Maximise ad revenue

AdEase offers a number of configuration options for commercial break patterns and schemas including pre, mid and post-rolls. You can integrate with a range of primary ad servers and supply side platforms via VAST standards.  AdEase offers API support to deliver interoperability with identity managements systems, data management platforms and other systems to support more data driven ad delivery to your users.

Highlighted below are the components of AdEase

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