Streamlined – Cost-Effective – Fast-To-Market

Get your content online quickly and effortlessly with our
out-of-the-box content publishing solution.

MediaHQ Lite is our streamlined, end-to-end, feature-rich content delivery solution. It’s quick and easy to roll out, with little to no customisation required.

Drawing on key capabilities and features from our world-class online content publishing platform MediaHQ, MediaHQ Lite gives you the lion’s share of features, without the complexity or the need for a big budget.

Increase your reach and revenue

Significantly extend your reach and revenue generation with this end-to-end content delivery solution, suited for companies and budgets of all sizes.

Complete solution

MediaHQ Lite has all the essential capabilities and features, complete with the apps and ability to monetise seamlessly but spares you the complexity and overheads.

Dynamic Ad Insertion capability

MediaHQ Lite includes full-featured Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) integration, providing uncompromised addressable ad experiences. With zero buffering in between ads, this feature ensures a seamless TV-like viewing experience, while bypassing ad blockers for maximum revenue generation.


If needs or requirements change, users can upgrade, customise or add capabilities from the full MediaHQ solution at any time.

Features include:

  • Secure VOD and live streaming with DRM
  • A global CDN service
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Analytics reports
  • Comprehensive metadata
  • High definition ABR encoding
  • A ready to go app that can be rebranded as required
  • 24/7 support from Switch Media’s in-house Technical Team