• Switch Media's Live2VOD

Effortlessly create engaging video on demand content

Live2VOD provides our customers an effortless, cost-effective way to create VOD and streamline catch up video production workflows to generate more value from live streaming events, so that viewers can watch them any time, on any device.

This end-to-end solution captures, encodes and stores live and linear video content for on demand use.

Create VOD from EPG schedule

Live2VOD empowers you to create VOD assets driven by metadata information ingested into the platform. Using this method, content creators can select the program they wish to trim and publish using the web UI. Any metadata, such as the show title information, will be made available in the edit process.

Flexible VOD Creation

Live2VOD offers a highly flexible service. The product easily captures from one or more feeds across a variety of sources and stores them for the length of time that suits your workflow. Live2VOD’s powerful capabilities mean that content is encoded on the fly using high performance transcoders coordinated by the MediaHQ platforms in priority sequence, ensuring programs are processed and published in the most optimal way for you.

Create and edit high quality images

Using the Image Service, your editors can create images, key art and thumbnails for publication in apps wherever your on demand content is consumed. Simply select a frame from the contribution feed, sharpen, apply filters, crop, then save as an associated image.

Publish to a wide variety of platforms

Once captured, trimmed and prepared Live2VOD will publish, expire and export to a range of platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MRSS based systems and other video platforms. Where required, we can setup workflows to suit your publish approval processes so that content is distributed as required, whether it be direct to an end-user app or beyond.

High availability and express processing

Live2VOD can be set up in a fully redundant configuration, either within the same site or an external site. Additionally, Live2VOD can capture multiple redundant streams at the same time, meaning if a feed fails the user can select an alternative feed to create a VOD asset from.

Highlighted below are the components of Live2VOD

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