Create custom dynamic live channels
from your VOD library, in minutes

VOD2Live is a clever new solution that transforms existing VOD assets into custom dynamic live channels, effortlessly. No need for playout software, live video encoding or to re-ingest the media.

Effortlessly transform existing VOD library assets into live broadcast channels. 

Create temporary pop-up linear channels featuring existing VOD assets.

Broaden distribution of existing live linear channel to other markets. 

Fast to market 

No need for playout software, live video encoding or to ingest media. Greatly simplify video delivery workflow and significantly reduce time to market. Launch live channels in minutes. 

Viewer personalisation 

Personalise channels, including programs and ads, based on viewer location, demographics or viewing behaviour. 

Simplified media workflow 

No coding required, leverages existing VOD libraries and CDN services. 

Cost effective 

Leverage existing assets and past investments. No need to invest in additional playout software and live video encoding. 

Seamless, flexible and versatile  

Providing a traditional broadcast equivalent experience, VOD2Live enables seamless fade to black transitions and near real time animated overlay graphics. 

What’s more, it is player and device independent and manages both file-based and live content. 

How it works

VOD2Live works by simply referencing and stitching together existing VOD media assets in a published VOD library. The result, a seamless and continuous live stream.

There’s no ingest of the media, this remains untouched in your VOD system. URLs for the VOD manifests are all that’s required to get started.

Highlighted below are the components of VOD2Live

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