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SBS AdEase

AdEase has improved the SBS On Demand ad experience, delivering ROI through un-blockable, seamless server side ad insertion video monetisation.

The Client

SBS aims “to provide multilingual and multicultural services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians and, in doing so, reflect Australia’s multicultural society”.
SBS’ On Demand video streaming service is one of the richest and most progressive catch up offerings in market today. It features over 5,000 hours of content from across the globe across 25 different platforms and is completely free to all Australians.

The Challenge

With the advent of easily adoptable ad blocking technologies across a growing number of digital formats, broadcasters and publishers seeking to preserve valuable video advertising revenue streams are turning to server side technologies to defeat ad blockers and deliver buffer free experiences to viewers.

SBS required a video CMS agnostic, highly configurable dynamic server-side ad insertion solution.  The client required a solution for VOD and Live which easily integrated with their existing video platform and all third party ad serving partners such as DoubleClick, Videology and Tubemogul.

“AdEase allows broadcasters to eliminate ad-blocker effectiveness and deliver a seamless viewing experience by integrating ads directly into any type of streaming content from live sport to drama and news.”

Christopher Stenhouse

CEO Switch Media

Switch Media’s Role

Using our AdEase Solution, Switch Media is delivering server-side ad insertion across the SBS On Demand AppleTV V4, iPhone and iPad apps, to then progressively roll it out across Android apps, followed by integration with the broadcaster’s apps for Smart TVs, Chromecast and game consoles.

Through stitching ads directly into program content, our server-side ad insertion product enabled SBS to side-step ad blocking technologies and deliver a smooth, TV-like viewing experience to their audience.

All of this could be done without having to re-ingest their full video library into the Switch platform, as AdEase integrates easily into any pre-existing video management system.

AdEase not only enabled SBS to maximise revenue through its anti-ad blocking technology but it also to  provide a highly interactive user experience, audience demographic targeting capabilities for a more personalised viewing experience, and advanced user-behaviour analytics.

Project Summary

Switch Media Delivered:

  • Seamless server-side ad insertion for SBS’ on demand VOD Service
  • Integrated into the existing SBS CMS platform with no need to re-ingest or duplicate archive
  • Achieved seamless playback with no buffering
  • Delivered the SBS via a simple CPM based pricing model
  • Achieved more reliable playout of completed impressions
  • Superior viewer targeting capability (dynamic VAST)
  • Companion ad support

Project Outcomes & ROI

The launch of AdEase at SBS has been highly successful. The project is continually evolving, launching on Apple TV, then across iPhone and iPad, before progressively rolling out the service across all device types.

Switch Media are continuing the development of the service to deliver improvements and added functionality such as VAST4 compliance and ongoing improvements to player feedback and beaconing.

“We’ve been incredibly impressed at how AdEase has improved the SBS On Demand viewing experience around ad breaks. As well as removing the annoying buffering, the seamless stitching of ads makes the transition invisible to ad blockers”

Marshall Heald

SBS Director of TV and Online Content