Switch Media will be at the Nextv CEO Africa 2019 conference, in Cape Town, May 14-16, 2019.

For more on how we assist with your online video needs, book a meeting with us there!

Let us take you through MediaHQ, our advanced suite of modular products and components that are flexible, dynamic and easy to integrate.

With a powerful workflow engine, MediaHQ allows task-based integrations with existing systems to enable the seamless delivery of content, for online and traditional broadcast.

Easily integrating with existing workflows, this comprehensive set of modular components is categorised via the 5 main pillars – Ingest, Manage, Prepare, Deliver and Analyse. Use any or all components to meet the specific needs around your content delivery.

We have simplified the complex tasks around content delivery so that you can enhance, replace or launch a world-class video experience across every screen, effortlessly.