If you build it, they will come…

BLOG by Oscar Gutierrez, VP Business Development, Switch Media

Not so long ago, the world seemed like a much bigger place. Travelling was a more glamorous affair and keeping in touch with colleagues, friends and relatives living abroad was done through letters, fax (remember that noise!) or the occasional phone call. But technology has completely changed that. Now we can hop on a Zoom call or WhatsApp (depending on the connection) and catch up in a matter of seconds, for free.

This has provided huge benefits for small to medium sized companies and helped them expand their businesses across the world. Although true success comes from  using available technology to develop and build strong personal relationships. For companies like us, who work with both large and small telcos in countries all around the world, it’s important to develop strong relationships with multiple local partners that are there, on the ground. This provides a gateway to ensure our company’s name is at the top of the list when it comes to customers’ decision-making time.

We pride ourselves on these relationships and are always looking at ways to expand our partnerships by increasing our network of local systems integrators in every country that we operate in. Our world-class, award-winning, MediaHQ online content publishing platform is available to customers around the world through this network. It provides telcos with a powerful workflow engine and houses an advanced suite of modular capabilities that are flexible and easy to integrate. From ingest, media management and preparation to distribution and analytics, MediaHQ gives access to everything a telco needs under one roof.

To ensure their streaming offering is a success, we guide telcos through the platform building process, creating a service that’s future-proof. You can’t apply the same technology principles to an OTT platform as you might to a traditional broadcast service. If you think you can build a streaming service in-house by patching together a bunch of encoders and software, then you’re going to create the OTT version of Frankenstein’s monster. And nobody wants to create Frankenstein’s monster!

For smaller telcos, it’s important to have access to an off-the-shelf, quick-to-market solution. One that enables them to launch services easily but also includes an affordable level of integration and sophistication that’s flexible and future-proof. This is where our MediaHQ Lite service comes into play. MediaHQ Lite provides all the essential capabilities and features, complete with applications and the ability to monetise seamlessly without the complexity and overheads often associated with other OTT solutions. Drawing key components and features from MediaHQ, MediaHQ Lite keeps the lion’s share of features and value without complications or the need for a big budget, with full support along the way.

It enables customers to get an online video service up and running within a matter of weeks. The solution is designed so that it doesn’t have to be customised over and over, but rather it uses a proven framework that can be rebranded to a company’s own guidelines. This means a service can be delivered in record time, and it ensures businesses are running at optimum efficiency by streamlining workflows.

At Switch Media, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the challenges customers face globally and a clearer view of the current variances from market to market. Building strong partnerships with systems integrators across the world our services are available to telcos of all sizes and budgets.

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Switch Media is thrilled to have delivered Telekom Television’s recently launched OTT Solution that brings their free-to-air television network online.

“We have worked with TTV in the past and we’re delighted that they selected us to provide this great new OTT service.

The service uses our MediaHQ Lite solution and provides an online video platform that can be accessed by all, across any device, and includes Chromecast technology” – Luke Durham, CTO, Switch Media