At the first Syd Video Meetup of 2020 Switch Media, Solutions Architect Kevin Staunton-Lambert  presented on how video engineers can help save lives. 

Previously presenting on the topic at Demuxed, Kevin has been part of a group working on ways for video engineers to save lives in such incidents. 

The past few months have seen devastating fires across Australia. As a tech-savvy company with a passion for innovation, Switch Media is always looking for ways adapt and re-purpose our technology. Even better if it can be used to aid community safety at critical times. 

One of the components of our MediaHQ product suite for example can also be used to get important public safety messages out in a way that creates the highest possible impact.  

Blackash Bushfire Consultancy studies have shown that people are more likely to take notice of messages if they feel it applies directly to them. Furthermore, when it is immediately recognisable as coming from a trusted public figure.  

Our clever technology enables existing VOD content, which may be pre-recorded from a trusted or prominent public figure, to be interleaved in live video update that is highly targeted and relevant to the audience 

Delivery of public safety information in this way creates high impact communications at crucial times, such as in encouraging people to vacate their premises when at risk of death or injury by wildfire.  

With no need for playout software, live video encoding or to ingest media, creation of custom dynamic live channels or updates can be done effortlessly, and in minutes. 

In his presentation on 26 February at the Syd Video Meetup (The Studio, Wynyard) Switch Media Solutions Architect, Kevin Staunton-Lambert, shared more about this technology and how it can be used to help save lives.