Check out Switch Media’s feature in the InBroadcast July 2022 Issue, where our CEO Mark Johns addresses the momentum in the transition to cloud in the media and entertainment industry.

InBroadcast July 2022 Feature: OTT Updates

By Adrian Pennington, InBroadcast |Vol 12 – Issue 7 | July 2022

Momentum continues to build in the transition to cloud in the media and entertainment industry…

Cloud and OTT streaming technologies have enabled new ways to originate, distribute and monetise content. Solutions providers are addressing the rise of FAST channels including contextual advertising on Connected TV programming.  

Mark Johns, CEO, Switch Media

Faster broadband speeds and improved connectivity are allowing communities in remote and rural locations to enjoy the benefits that streaming TV brings. In small communities, telecoms operators can deliver pay-TV offerings that can be billed as part of an existing mobile phone service, providing on-demand content to subscribers, and creating new revenue streams.

What’s crucial for telcos to consider is, if they want to successfully take this route, they need to build a platform that’s future-proof. You can’t apply the same technology principles to an OTT platform as you might to a traditional broadcast service. This doesn’t mean having to invest in a high-cost content publishing platform; clearly that’s not an option for small players. This is why it’s important that telcos have access to an off-the-shelf, quick-to-market solution that enables them to launch services easily but includes an affordable level of integration and sophistication that make it flexible and future-proof.

Switch Media’s MediaHQ Lite provides a streamlined cost-effective, fast-to-market online video solution that meets all these requirements and more. It delivers all the essential capabilities and features, including applications and the ability to monetise seamlessly without the complexity and overheads often associated with other OTT solutions.

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