MediaHQ Lite: A true working online video platform for realistic budgets 

In this blog, Luke Durham, CTO at Switch Media shares insights on how companies of all sizes can significantly extend their reach and revenue generation though online video – quickly, easily and without the complexity or need for a big budget.

There’s certainly no debating that we are all in strange and uncertain times. From a business perspective, we’re fully aware of the extraordinary circumstances that our industry faces and we’re continuing to make our customers and their audience a priority.

One of the things we’ve been honing in on these past few months is how we can maximise our core services and add the most value for our clients. With premium online video services only becoming more complex and fragmented, and content owners challenged by bespoke integrations, the market feels more uncertain than ever.

We want our customers to be confident that they can supply a world-class online video service at a price that suits their budget. That’s why we’ve developed a product that makes this easy. MediaHQ Lite eliminates the days of expensive app development and increased overhead costs, allowing a high quality, affordable and timely online video service to be delivered.

Drawing key components and features from our advanced MediaHQ online video platform, it maintains the lion’s share of features and value, without the complexity or the need for a big budget. Officially launched at NAB Show 2019, MediaHQ Lite is a cost-effective, fast-to-market online video solution aimed at providers who want to push content to the market quickly, and with more modest budgets. This is a true working platform; customers can get the whole service up and running within a matter of weeks and they will, of course, have our full support along the way.

We’ve designed MediaHQ Lite so that it doesn’t have to be customised over and over, but rather, users simply rebrand according to their own brand guidelines. This means we can meet our customers’ deadlines quickly, and that as a business we’re running at optimum efficiency, with more streamlined workflows. If any of our customers want to further tailor their solution, we can certainly help them with that also.

MediaHQ Lite is an end-to-end, streamlined platform that enables roll out to applications on both iOS and Android platforms, in a short timeframe. An off the shelf, quick to market solution that enables customers to go live with a very sophisticated setup, effortlessly.

Some of the key features of MediaHQ Lite include secure VOD and live streaming with DRM, a global CDN service, analytics reports, comprehensive metadata, high definition ABR encoding and use of the Switch Media applications, or customers’ own apps if they have them. What really sets MediaHQ Lite apart from other online video offerings is a full-featured dynamic ad insertion (DAI) integration providing uncompromised addressable ad experiences.

Since we launched MediaHQ Lite, the response from the market has been exceptionally positive. The fact that we’re able to quickly and easily show personalised demos of its functionality means that they immediately understand the possibilities it offers.

At Switch Media our main focus is streamlining processes and delivering maximum value for our customers. MediaHQ Lite allows companies of all sizes the opportunity to significantly extend their reach and revenue generation.

It provides all the essential capabilities and features, complete with applications and the ability to monetise seamlessly, without the complexity and overheads. This results in considerably reduced operational resources enabling easy adaption to the ever-changing online video landscape and consumer expectations.