Life is like a box of chocolates…

BLOG by Oscar Gutierrez, VP Business Development, Switch Media

Forrest Gump famously said, “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” At Switch Media, we like to think of our online video platform as a box of chocolates, but unlike Forrest you’ll definitely know what you’re going to get because you can choose it yourself and you’ll get the box as well! What do we mean by this? Read on to find out.

For over a decade, Switch Media has successfully delivered complex, multi-award-winning online video solutions for major brands and global live streaming events. Our MediaHQ platform houses a flexible suite of modular components that easily integrate with existing systems. We provide tailormade solutions for our customers that include multiple modules such as, DRM, CDN, billing subscription systems etc. as part of the Switch Media, MediaHQ umbrella – the chocolates and the box. Unlike some of our competitors who have modules from single vendors, our customers, with guidance from us, can select these modules from multiple vendors, as and when required. If they don’t like the flavour of one module, they can switch it out for another. This gives our customers far greater flexibility and control over their OTT platform and their budgets. It also helps when their services grow as they can expand the use of our solutions or change or add new services.

This approach is helped by the OTT industry’s shift from CAPEX to OPEX models, allowing for a far more modular and virtualised technology approach. This gives us and our customers tremendous flexibility in the way we can approach projects from both technical and business angles. Also, the availability of cloud-based solutions makes it quicker and easier to make changes in the CMS, for example, allowing systems to be future-proof. A cloud-based solution means new elements can easily be developed inhouse and you can integrate APIs with multiple elements very quickly and simply. Having a solution that can run in the cloud – or on premise – based on very clear and well-defined APIs, allows companies to create a modular solution, meaning they can take full advantage of all the chocolates they want or need from the box.

If we’ve made you hungry reading this blog, grab a coffee and something sweet and head on over to our website. At Switch Media, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing customers globally and a clearer view of the current variances from market to market. We have installations across the world and we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality online video platform to meet the requirements of customers and consumers now and in the future.