As a key sponsor for the event, we are excited to attend and present at this year’s Asia Video Summit in Singapore on 4-6 November 2019.

At the summit, we’ll reveal more about our products that have been generating a lot of interest in the industry lately, including VOD2Live and AdEase

VOD2Live is our clever new solution that enables the launch of fully personalised linear channels in minutes!

AdEase is our server-side ad insertion product that defeats ad blocks and delivers addressable ads across any device, Live and On-Demand.

AdEase and VOD2Live are a part of MediaHQ, our advanced suite of modular products and components that are flexible, dynamic and easy to integrate. With a powerful workflow engine, MediaHQ allows task-based integrations with existing systems to enable the seamless delivery of content, for online and traditional broadcast.


At the summit Switch Media’s ad technology expert, Tim Armstrong will share his knowledge and expertise around optimising monetisation through data driven decisions.

DAY 1 – 5th NOVEMBER AT 3.25PM

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, one of the greatest opportunities this premium digital advertising economy creates is the ability for advertisers to tailor communications for individuals and households.  In this session, we address with growing datasets on audiences and increased capabilities for digital, how do we achieve the right mix? How can data driven advertising open up a whole new world of opportunity for optimising monetisation to audiences?