Switch Media and Magna Systems form integral part of Broadcast Asia 2012 OTT Exhibit

SYDNEY, 17 May 2012 – Multi-platform video specialists Switch Media and Magna Systems and Engineering will be at the heart of the first ever OTT exhibit at this year’s Broadcast Asia show. Magna Systems has been appointed official systems integrator of the project and Switch Media will be handling the video content management and distribution in addition to the platform design.

The exhibit sees a multitude of industry players coming together to create the show’s first live and interactive OTT exhibit.

Content will be provided by SPTL and consisting of programming in English, Mandrin and Korean with multiple episodes of each show. The source files are HD XCDAM 422 and there will also be promo and pre-roll content.

Switch Media Global Head of Sales Mark Johns said,

“The content will be transcoded in the Switch Media platform to 5000kbs, 1000kbs and 512kbs versions and delivered with ABR. The content will also be loaded on to XOR Media servers and played back for the Switch Media tablet application as well as to the Sony Bravia screens within the exhibit.”

There will also be a VOD portal created which will work on users’ own devices as well as Sony tablets and PS3s provided for use in the OTT area. The tablets will support DLNA to seamlessly send content to the main television screens within the exhibit.

Magna Systems and Engineering Director – Asia Pacific Operations Patrick So said, “It’s a great honour to be chosen and appointed as the official systems integrator for the Broadcast Asia 2012 OTT exhibit. We are drawing on over 40 years systems integration experience in the broadcast industry to successfully bring all the elements together. Our role as Systems Integrators includes responsibility for the overall system design and integration, finalising the equipment list, defining rack space, creating circuit diagrams and detailing power requirements. We also have to liaise with SPTL and StarHub for the content, XOR Media for servers, EVS for CRM, Axon for multiviewers and DAs, Singapore Exhibition Services for the wifi and Switch Media for all the video content management and the look and feel of the platform and app. It’s a significant systems integration project the likes of which has never been seen before at Broadcast Asia and we are delighted to be an integral part of it.”

Switch Media will be at Broadcast Asia 2012 on Magna Systems and Engineering stand 4L2-01.