ETV Direct v2 has launched

EnhanceTV Direct is an educational video-on-demand archive, giving teachers and students in schools around Australia access to over 18,000 educational programmes from broadcast free-to-air and PayTV channels.

In addition to this library, it has learning tools like Study Guides and the ability to create themes, presentations and video lessons from the content. This version introduces a multitude of new features, amongst them a fresh new design, which uses responsive HTML in order to optimally adapt to most screen sizes, from smartphones to Full HD displays.

All functionality of EnhanceTV Direct is now fully compatible with both desktop and popular mobile devices like iPad and iPhone. In addition to this, a completely redesigned video lesson creation mechanism now allows educators to combine segments and clips from many different programs into one single Video Lesson for presentation in the classroom or assigning to students. Further, EnhanceTV Direct opens up access to the library for students themselves, allowing them to research and present their own material.

For school administrators, the all-new Analytics dashboard provides an insight into key usage statistics of the portal, such as teacher engagement, student activity and bandwidth consumption. All eligible educational institutions can apply for a 3-month trial period.