• Switch Media at Vivid Sydney 2019

Switch Media – Proud supporters of The Light Teleportal at Vivid Sydney 2019

Switch Media were excited to sponsor The Light Teleportal installation at Vivid Sydney 2019, the multi-award-winning festival of light, music and ideas.

The Light Teleportal consists of two spire-like ‘gateways’ located a short distance away from each other that allow two-way communication via video and light technology, activated by body motion. The installation uses a custom-developed software platform called Magic Portal to orchestrate the light, sound and video effects.

Artist render of The Light Teleportal installation

A brief description of The Light Teleportal and how to interact with it is below:

“Stand before one of the two gateways and be transported to a place where communication is borne of light and motion. Wave an arm, raise a leg or turn your head and reveal ancient cryptic symbols. Collaborate to successfully activate both portals at once, and sync communication in an immersive visual experience. With each successful interaction, you are one step closer to unlocking the ancient secrets of these mysterious portals.”

The Light Teleportal was conceptualised by Sydney artist and Switch Media Applications Team Lead Fergal Hanley, who exhibited his holographic installation the Harbour Watchman at Vivid Light 2017. This year’s project co-collaborators are Colin Hendry (sound and light) and Kevin Staunton-Lambert (video), both Senior Solution Architects and Engineers at Switch Media.

The team was fully supported by Switch Media, including project management, marketing and other resources where needed.

What a fantastic Vivid Sydney and an amazing achievement by team Switch Media on The Light Teleportal. In case you missed it, check out this quick video: